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New Major Road in Kassandra Halkidiki Opened to Traffic

New Major Road in Kassandra Halkidiki Opened to Traffic

We are very happy to announce that the new 17km dual carriageway linking Potidea and Kassandria has officially opened on schedule and in time for the surge of summer holidaymakers! The first section of the bypass runs from Nea Fokea to Kassandria where it connects with the existing road network. Kassandra will benefit greatly from the improved access, cutting journey times, diverting the heavy traffic away from the towns and villages on the east coast and making the drive down the peninsula much easier! The second phase is planned and funded but not built yet. This will be a road which takes you through the mountain directly to Palliouri at the end of the peninsula, which will be fantastic for Kassandra in the future, significantly enhancing the growth potential of the area! 

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