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Halkidiki villas for sale

Halkidiki villas for sale are premium Halkidiki properties handpicked by us and presented in a category which has definite wow factor! This kind of property is designed to be enjoyed and ideal for those who like to entertain and be social with friends and family.

In this collection we have Halkidiki villas for sale with prices starting from 200,000 Euros to the €2 million price band. The listings in this category are sure to appeal to everyone even those with the most discerning of tastes. 

For the first class client we have a number of Halkidiki villas for sale which are finished to an extremely high specification. We also have Halkidiki villas for sale with extra features such as pool bars, dance floors, private tennis and basketball courts! In actual fact a host of celebrities from the sport and entertainment world as well as prominent Greek families have chosen to buy Halkidiki villas as a place to go to relax. Halkidiki truly is a holiday destination that can satisfy all needs even of the rich and famous! 

If you are looking for complete relaxation on holiday without the hassle of maintenance and housekeeping we even have some Halkidiki villas for sale on private complexes which provide round the clock security, gardening, cleaning etc so that the owners can spend their break as they please. These most rare and exceptional villas are hidden away, secluded by pine trees with magnificent views immaculately landscaped gardens and private pools.

Halkidiki villas for sale – After the crisis

The Greek economy situation in the last few years has had an impact on the price of property and as a result we have had many foreign buyers who have seized the opportunity to realise a dream with incredible deals on Halkidiki villas. Some of the most astute investors have been buying up older, lower priced villas which they have renovated to their personal taste whilst adding value to the property.

Halkidiki villas for sale – with the hidden costs revealed! 

It goes without saying that it costs more to own a villa than other types of properties such as apartments or maisonettes. To start with the amount of annual property tax is determined by the size of the building in sq.m. and as a rule villas are larger. Water rates are also higher for a bigger property especially if it has a swimming pool and garden to irrigate throughout the hot summer months. Swimming pools over 25sq.m are a taxable asset at the moment and therefore you are liable to pay a premium for having this luxury. The energy expenses also incur a higher rate so it will cost more to light and heat/cool. These are just some of the additional costs to bear in mind and ensure you can afford.

We welcome you to browse our directory of Halkidiki villas for sale where we advertise many attractive options but if you are looking for something more specific please contact us for alternative suggestions.





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