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Buying Land in Halkidiki to Build a Dream Villa

Buying Land in Halkidiki to Build a Dream Villa

Buying land in Halkidiki with a view to building a dream villa can bring some unique challenges, from locating the perfect site to planning permission and other legalities. We have taken a closer look at the stages to help simplify the procedure.

  1. Real Estate Agent - The first priority for someone looking for land in Halkidiki to build their ideal villa is to contact a real estate agent based in the area to discuss their specific requirements and establish a search criteria.  Things to consider include the size of villa they hope to build and how much land they would like, the location of the land in relation to the town centre and beach and also the views they ultimately hope to enjoy.  Following this initial conversation the real estate agent will be able to make some suggestions of land in Halkidiki available on the market, which may be suitable and also offer information and advice regarding the local building regulations.
  2. Land in Halkidiki - There are a number of different types of land in Halkidiki where it is possible gain planning permission to build a villa.  We refer to a building plot as a piece of land which is located within the boundaries of the town centre so is ideally suited to someone looking to be close to essential amenities. The size of building plots usually start from 250-300sq.m up to 700sq.m and sometime even greater.  Planning permission to construct on building plots of land in Halkidiki is usually granted up to around 200sq.m, however this does vary slightly between resorts.Alternatively buyers who seek the peace, quiet and privacy of the countryside might be better suited to a land plot.  In order to gain planning permission to build a villa on a land plot, the total area must be a minimum of 4000sq.m.  On a land plot of this size it would be possible to construct up to 200sq.m, which could form one or more buildings.Typically there are a couple of exceptions to these rules regarding planning permission.  For instance land in Halkidiki located up to a maximum distance of 500m from the last property which is within the town centre boundary can obtain planning permission if the total area is a minimum of 2000sq.m.  Other land in Halkidiki, which is situated directly on one of the main roads, can also get planning permission if the total area is just 750sq.m.When looking for a plot of land in Halkidiki for construction it is also very important to ensure that the authorities have certified that the land does not contain any forest or is not in an archaeological zone.  
  3. Land Survey - Once a plot of land in Halkidiki has been chosen the next step for the buyer is to employ a civil engineer to survey the land to make sure that it is suitable for their intended purposes.
  4. Purchasing Land in Halkidiki - All being well the buyer can then proceed with buying their own land in Halkidiki.  If the seller has the necessary documents already prepared the timescale to completion can be very quick. 
  5. Obtain Planning Permission - After the ownership of land in Halkidiki is officially transferred, it is time to meet with a civil engineer to draft some building plans and involve an architect if required.  This stage may take several following up appointments until the design of a self-build home is finalised before the engineer can be given the order to prepare an official file and commence the application for planning permission.  In the absence of any delays, the local authorities in Halkidiki will usually announce their decision in 1-2 months.  Upon receipt of the planning permission approval, building on land in Halkidiki can commence immediately so it will be time to talk to some builders and prepare a schedule of the work.

If there are any further questions related to finding a plot of land in Halkidiki, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help!






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