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The Cost of Running a House in Halkidiki

The Cost of Running a House in Halkidiki

When buying a holiday house in Halkidiki it is important for the prospective buyer to take into consideration the basic cost of ownership in order to budget for the yearly household expenses.

With this in mind we thought it would be useful to provide some up to date information to help anyone looking to buy their dream holiday property in the sun, to understand what regular household bills to expect and estimate the minimum costs involved in running a house in Halkidiki

The main expenses which apply to every house in Halkidiki are explained below:

  1. Property Tax – This is an annual charge determined by the size of the building in square meters which is declared in the deeds to the property.  The rate in 2014 for a house in Halkidiki is around 3€/sq.m.
  2. Water – water is supplied by the local council and is metered.  There is a standing charge of 45€ per year.  The rate for 0-50 cubic meters is 0.40€/cu.m, 51-75cu.m is 0.55€/cu.m, 76-100cu.m is 0.70€/cu.m, 101-200cu.m is 0.90€/cu.m, 201-300cu.m is 2€/cu.m, 301-400cu.m is 4€/cu.m and in excess of 400cu.m the rate increases to 6€.  There is a slight difference in the charges if the property is on the mains sewerage system.  The charges based on consumption are issued bi-annually in April and October and this bill needs to be paid locally at the water board or post office.
  3. Electricity – Electricity is provided by The Public Power Corporation (DEH) throughout Greece and the bills are generated every two months. The current standard rate is 0.07793€ per kilowatt +13%VAT. To put this in context a 3 bedroom house in Halkidiki spends 50-60€ every other month.
  4. Local Service Charges – This must be paid annually by the occupants and the amount again is based on the size of the house in Halkidiki.  To make things simpler this charge is included in the electricity bill and is the sum of the TV license (20€ set fee), rubbish disposal (2€/sq.m) and street lighting (0.09€/sq.m). 

There are some other costs associated with owning a holiday home, which vary depending upon the individual house in Halkidiki. The most common expense applies to property located on an organised complex where a fee is charged for the maintenance of communal grounds, facilities and additional services such as security.

If you have any questions relating to buying a house in Halkidiki please feel free to use our contact form or give us a call.

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