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The Process of Buying a Property in Halkidiki

The Process of Buying a Property in Halkidiki

Anyone looking to buy a property in Halkidiki needs to start by visiting the area in person and finding a locally based real estate agency to find and view suitable properties available for sale.  When the right property in Halkidki has been found and it is decided to proceed with the purchase, it will be necessary to take the following steps:

Firstly it is necessary attend to the tax office in Halkidiki and apply for a Greek tax number.  According to the law in Greece which applies to the purchase of property in Halkidiki both parties must hold a Greek tax number. 

Once a Greek tax number has been issued it is then obligatory to open an account with a Greek bank, which will be necessary to obtain bank cheques to be presented at the time of completion for both the payment of the property tax and final payment of the property.  The opening of a bank account in a Greek bank is required of all buyers.  In order to open an account with a Greek bank, the following documents will be required to be presented in person:

Proof of permanent residential address, which is usually a utility bill showing the name of the buyer at their permanent address

An official statement showing proof of annual income

The Greek tax number previously discussed

Evidence showing proof of employment

Passport or European I.D. card

If these documents are written in a foreign language, then they also need to be translated in to Greek by an official interpreter and presented to the bank stapled together with the original version of each document.

The requirements at each bank differ slightly, however these are the documents that will always be necessary and need to be available. Any other paperwork required will be requested in advance.  

After the buyer has successfully opened an account with a Greek bank they need to transfer in sufficient funds to pay for the purchase of the property and cover the tax expenses.

Once the money has reached the new bank account and all documentation is ready the buyer needs to visit the Greek bank personally and arrange for two cheques to be issued to pay for both the property and the tax expenses.  (These cheques will be presented at the completion of the sale when the contracts are signed to legalise the exchange.)

The buyer must return to the tax office in Halkidiki with the cheque for payment of the tax expenses and obtain a receipt.  With this receipt as proof of payment of the tax expenses along with their passport or ID card and Greek tax number they are ready to sign the final contract and purchase their property in Halkidiki

These are the simple steps that are involved in the purchase of a property in Halkidiki. The real estate agency who presented the property in Halkidiki to the buyer is inclined to help throughout the purchase procedure. For further advice and information please be advised to talk to a real estate agent in Halkidiki.



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