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Halkidiki local products

Halkidiki is renowned in Greece as the 'blessed place' because of the heavenly landscape and plethora of natural produce. In Halkidiki meals are generally prepared using ingredients sourced from local producers such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, goats cheese, olive oil and honey and served with raki (tsipouro) or wine!

Olive oil is probably the most important ingredient in Greek dishes and Mediterranean cuisine in general, which is considered to be one of the healthiest diets in the world.   In recent years Halkidiki olives have become a very popular.  Olive groves are part of the fabric of the landscape throughout Greece and Halkidiki is one of the leading producers of olive oil with the majority of Greek olive oil the superior organic extra virgin variety, cultivated without chemical interventions and exported all over the world.  Halkidiki olives are so highly regarded in fact that they even score a mention in the latest Hollywood blockbuster movie 'The Wolf of Wall Street'!

Halkidiki is also well respected in Greece for producing high quality honey.  The Greek philosopher Aristotle who was born in Halkidiki is widely reported to have praised honey over 2,300 years ago, claiming it prolonged life and recommendations don’t come much higher than from one of the most significant figures in history!  Visitors to Halkidiki can find a wide range of different types of honey available for sale including polyfloral and pine infused at the traditional local markets or directly from the producers around Nea Skioni, Afitos, Paliouri, and Nikiti where the price per kilo of is approximately 7 euros (2013).  

Local fish and seafood bought from the fishmongers or served at the tavernas in the Halkidiki fishing ports at Nea Skioni, Nikiti and Neos Marmaras is also of excellent quality.   Visitors have the opportunity to find a wide selection of fresh fish all year round which is caught in the unpolluted waters of the surrounding Aegean Sea.  

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