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Pefkohori is one of the main resorts in Kassandra, also known as 'Kapsohora' by the locals. It is a densely populated town by Greek standards with approximately 1900 citizens living there all year round. In English the name Pefkohori means 'Pine Village' and it is said to have been inspired by the pine trees in the surrounding area.

Pefkohori location

The popular tourist resort of Pefkohori is located on the coast in south-east Kassandra, situated in between Hanioti and Paliouri. The distance from the local airport in Thessaloniki is 94km, which is usually a journey of just over one hour by car.

Pefkohori beach

Pefkohori has a long sandy beach with many bars and eateries providing sunbeds and umbrellas for their customers. At the centre of the beach there is a small pier where you can take a day cruise by traditional style sailing boat to the second peninsula Sithonia. There is also a place where you can hire a small private boat for the day to explore the area by sea. About 2km outside Pefkohori there is a fantastic stretch of sandy beach in an area called 'Glarokavos', where you can find a few managed beach bars, beach water sports and a small natural lagoon. This beach here is stunningly beautiful with very clean, shallow water and the soft sand is bordered by pine trees providing natural shade by the sea. It's the ideal place to moor a boat.

Pefkohori properties

Pefkohori is a quite the cosmopolitan town and a place where a number of Greek celebrities including singers and athletes have properties. The property market in Pefkohori is diverse with a great many holiday homes and properties suitable for all year round living up for sale. In general prices for a small apartment or simple maisonette in Pefkohori are quite reasonable but premium properties such as villas directly on the beach or detached houses with luxury standards can be costly.

Pefkohori services

Pefkohori has a large number of permanent residents therefore many shops and services operate all year round. This town pretty much caters for every need with the exception of a bank although there are ATM cashpoints. There are big-chain supermarkets, mini-markets, butchers, bakeries, fish mongers, doctors, a florist, petrol stations, car rental, cafe-bars, restaurants, hairdressers, beauty salons, hardware stores, pharmacies and a post office. Pefkohori is a busy town with a lot of options for shopping so it attracts visitors from all over southern Kassandra.










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